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Based on a True Story is the award-winning podcast that compares what really happened with what we see on the silver screen. Grab your ticket each week as we'll travel through history to learn the true story behind your favorite movies.

Apr 22, 2019

It's been called a rags to riches story, and an inspiration to millions. But how much of 2003's Seabiscuit actually happened? Let's find out!

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Apr 8, 2019

Sometimes, Hollywood exaggerates nature's fury on screen. Today, we'll learn about one of the stories that reminds us how scary it can really be.

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Apr 1, 2019

Two years ago, we covered The Fellowship of the Ring as an April Fools Day surprise. Last year, it was a little less of a surprise when we continued the story with The Two Towers. This year, the trilogy will come to an end with the epic conclusion in The Return of the King.

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