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Based on a True Story is the podcast that compares Hollywood with history. Grab your ticket as we travel through history to learn the true story behind your favorite movies and TV shows.

Feb 26, 2018

The 1997 animated film Anastasia tells a beautifully touching tale of the Grand Duchess trying to find her family...but how much of the story we see on screen is true? This week we'll dive into the mystery surrounding the story of Anatasia's alleged disappearance.

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Feb 19, 2018

This week we learned about Jack the Ripper's brutal murders. After you listen to the regular episode, this bonus episode will help us get a little better historical context. You'll get a peek into some of the research that goes into episodes as we follow each murder with articles and reports from the time of Jack the...

Feb 19, 2018

Jack the Ripper was a serial killer before the term was coined. Be warned, today's episode contains some very disturbing content about the murders...check it out before listening with kids.

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Feb 12, 2018

2008's The Other Boleyn Girl gives us a peek into what it could've been like roaming the English court during King Henry VIII's reign. But how much of what we saw of the relationship between King Henry VIII, Anne and her sister Mary Boleyn was true? That's what we'll find out as we compare history with The Other Boleyn...

Feb 5, 2018

It was an event that was compared to the sinking of the Titanic, except when the Hindenburg crashed it was caught on film...ending the promising industry of commercial airship travel. This week we're comparing history with the 1975 Oscar-nominated film that shows one of the conspiracy theories about the cause of...